Check Out This Revolving Wireless Portable Speaker from Democracy

Check Out This Revolving Wireless Portable Speaker from DemocracyImage via Democracy

There are a lot of wireless portable speakers on the market today, each with their own little trick to make themselves stand out above the rest. Whether it's a glossy body, or a few flashy lights, it might be hard to make a decision between them all.

The revolving Bluetooth wireless speaker from Democracy is a welcomed edition to the playing field, and offers something a little different than the rest: this is a speaker than can actually swivel its head a full 180-degrees counterclockwise, allowing users to pivot the speaker into three different positions. This could be used in a handful of situations, one of them being if you took your speaker to the park and want to pivot the speaker up off the grass and use the body as a stand. The company says that the rechargeable battery can run on a charge for about 8-hours, users can keep track of it by the light-up power indicator on the side of the body. If you don't feel like listening to music, you can also use the speaker for hands-free conference calls.

Check it out on Amazon now for $69.95.

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