Buy an iPhone 5C for $27 Starting Tomorrow

Buy an iPhone 5C for $27 Starting TomorrowImage via Apple

If you're still on the fence about upgrading from your iPhone 4S (or, do we dare say, 3G?), Walmart is about to give you the best reason yet to finally get a new iOS device.

The retailer is putting the iPhone 5C up for sale at a low, low price of just $27 with a two-year contract. That's about a 75-percent drop from its previous price of $99. The price drop isn't exactly popping up out of no where: the iPhone 5C hasn't been selling as well as expected, while the more expensive—and more powerful—iPhone 5S has been the primary choice of buyers. In response to the less-than-stellar 5C sells, Apple told manufacturers shortly after the device's launch that they should cut their 2013 shipments down significantly. Not to say that the 5C is a bad phone, but, simply, it's a plastic version of the iPhone 5 with pretty colors—and it wasn't enough to get users buying.

Walmart is also cutting the price of the 5S to $127 from $199 with a two-year contract, and the 16GB iPad Mini will go for its regular price of $299, but the retailer will throw-in a free $50 gift card with a purchase. 

The sale begins tomorrow and ends Christmas Eve, so perhaps if it's not for yourself, it might make a good holiday gift. 

[via NBC]

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