John McCain Was Caught Playing Poker on His iPhone During the Syria Hearing

John McCain Was Caught Playing Poker on His iPhone During the Syria HearingPhoto by Melina Mara for the Washington Post

What's one thing you could do as a U.S. senator sitting in on a committee hearing about the impending military strike on Syria? You could play poker on your phone, that's what.

That's exactly what Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona did during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing yesterday concerning America's use of force in Syria. The Washington Post happened to snap a picture of McCain while he was playing the game on his iPhone (which you can now see above), and they quickly posted it on their website. Of course, McCain caught a lot of flack for this, and took to Twitter to respond:

All that managed to accomplish, though, was add more fuel to the fire, as hashtags bashing McCain erupted on Twitter. For instance, the #JohnMcCainIsMoreUselessThan hashtag:

And the #ThingsJohnMcCainCouldDoDuringSyriaWarHearings hashtag:

Whether you think this was a bad move or not (in hindsight, yes, it was a bad move, but not that bad), don't bust out your phone when in a situation when stakes are high (cough). It looks even worse when you're being paid by taxpayers to pay attention.

[via Raw Story]

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