The 15 Worst Uses of Technology in Clothing

12. Sweat-Activated Shirts

Get this, the shirt has two designs: one you can see all the time and one you can only see when you sweat. Why would you want this shirt? Well, that way you'll know you're sweating. What's that? "Don't you know you're sweating because you're, umm, sweating?" Okay, good point. Well, the second logo is usually motivational, so it will help you finish you run. What's that? "How do you see the motivational design if it's on your shirt?" Another good point. Hmm, well, umm, okay, we're not sure why the world needs this product. But, we do know that your shirt will say badass things that your shirts haven't said since you had "No Fear" shirts in middle-school. You can get shirts with phrases like, "I am the Competition" or "I am a Beast" ... but only if you sweat a lot first.

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