The 15 Worst Uses of Technology in Clothing

2. GPS Lingerie

You won't be surprised to hear that feminist groups are not too happy about this lingerie that comes embedded with a GPS. While creator Lucia Lorio sees the sexy, high-tech undergarments as a way to prevent abductions and harassment, women's groups see them as a way to further empower the patriarchy. It is hard not to see their point because it is often the significant other who is on the other end of the tracking device.

This should speed up the timeline for all of you players out there. Normally, you have to wait several days before an angry ex-boyfriend appears on your doorstep with a baseball bat. With location detecting lingerie, the scorned lover might be over at your crib and ready to kick your ass before you even get through foreplay. If you have a neighbor who is often too noisy, or just generally pisses you off, we recommend that you toss the GPS monitor in his window before you get it on. That way you'll at least buy yourself a few minutes before you get a psychotic foot in your ass.

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