The Craziest Internet Theories This Year

The Chelyabinsk meteor was part of a conceptual video game.

After the meteor passed over Russia earlier this year, we learned that everyone in Russia has cameras in their car. Many conspiracy theorists out there insist that we learned some other things as well. Numerous conspiracy theories bubbled up from the recesses of the Internet after a number of people refused to accept that meteor simply exploded before making impact. You got some of your run-of-the-mill explanations involving missiles and aliens, but we also got a new one. One theory claims that a video game developer "cracked the ultimate code," and was able to make a virtual reality component of a video game manifest itself in reality. Before you get too invested in this theory, you should know that one of their arguments is that the meteor situation was similar to the recently released video game, X-Com: Enemy Unknown. Compelling evidence indeed.

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