Instagram's Most Notorious Troll Now Has Competition

Instagram's Most Notorious Troll Now Has Competition

Instagram's most notorious rich kid ItsLavishBitch—known for wasting spending bucketloads of money and flaunting it to his 235,000-plus followersnow has competition. Meet ItsPrivilegeBitch, the "Laguna Beach-Houston-Paris Livin" teen who, much life his arch-nemesis, likes to parade his wealth. 

Since joining Instagram two weeks ago he's been firing off on ItsLavishBitch in almost every upload. Yesterday he posted:

@itslavishbitch roles in jeans... I role in fucking seersucker. That's what I call privilege, not "ballin'" #itsprivilegebitch #itslavishisapeasant quit wearing your same pair of jeans and cookie cutter Louis linens.

And on June 20 he wrote:

#tbt to when I got my first plane. #notthedadsjet unlike @itslavishbitch, this piece of metal is actually mine #itsprivilegebitch

ItsLavishBitch has since blocked ItsPrivilegeBitch on Instagram. For those wondering: this is what we refer to as #RichPeopleProblems.

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