15 Ways You Can Look More Attractive in Facebook Pictures Image via 2u.com

Look back over your shoulder.

It goes without saying that none of us writers here at Complex are models. If we had the looks for it, we would get out of the writing game and into the having-your-picture-taken-while-suggestively-milking-a-cow game (we'll give you one guess which one pays better). We defer to our better-looking-betters when it comes to the right poses to look sexy, and we noticed that famous hotties always find ways to get themselves photographed looking back over their shoulder. We have no idea why this is attractive, unless of course you are trying to show off your gluts, but often these photos are only from the neck up. You're just going to have to trust the world's beauties on this one: staring back over your shoulder is a clutch profile pic move.

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