Yahoo's Former 'Internet Life' Magazine Defined 90s Cool

Yahoo's Former 'Internet Life' Magazine Defined 90s CoolAll images via BuzzFeed

As web relics go, Internet Lifethe magazine published by Yahoo from 1995 to 2002points to a dot com era devoid of social networks and Twitter feeds (no doubt, a simpler time). As Charlie Warsel notes at BuzzFeed, the publication served as a "reminder of what the Yahoo brand once was: a sleek, sexy, and even edgy vision of the future and a cultural touchstone." 

The magazine shuttered in 2002 due to decreasing ad sales, but ran wide-ranging features, from Internet radio guides to stories on the rise of online music. Beloved film critic Roger Ebert even had a regular column in the magazine. Cool indeed.

[via BuzzFeed]

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