Age Rating Tags Added to iOS App Descriptions

Age Rating Tags Added to iOS App DescriptionsImage via screenshot

Apple is known for clamping down on inappropriate content, and now the company has added age ratings to app descriptions in its store. The rating can be found in a small box underneath the app's title, though you'll probably blink and miss it. 

It's safe to assume the age ratings came as a result of the Vine snafu earlier this year. Pornographic material appeared as a Vine "Editor's Pick," and Apple ceased promoting the app as an App Store Editors' Choice as a result. Apple also removed the photo sharing app 500px from its store when rumors surfaced that it hosted nude images. Today, both Vine and 500px carry a 17+ age rating. 

You can get a look at the age ratings up close by checking out Apple Insider.

[via Apple Insider]

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