10 Ways To Tell If A Chromebook Is For You

If You're A Baller on a Budget

Times are hard and not everyone can afford to purchase a $1,000-computer. Luckily Chromebook's price points are some of the best on the market right now. The Acer Chromebook, which weighs less than three pounds and boots up in 20 seconds, sales for $199. Even better, the Samsung version will only cost you $50 more, running for $249, and it offers a bevy of cool features. The HP Pavilion Chromebook sales for $329 and comes equipped with a larger screen (14 inches) and provides 100 GB of Google Drive free for two years. And even if you have lucchini to burn (word to Camp Lo), the newly-introduced Chromebook Pixel, which sales for $1,299, still might be your best option if you're a stickler for compact, easy-to-carry hardware. Like the tagline says: It's for "a better way of doing."

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