This Hand-Cranked Digital Camera Has 15 Built-In Filters

This Hand-Cranked Digital Camera Has 15 Built-In FiltersImage via The Sun and Cloud

This small, nifty camera looks more like a crank-up toy than an innovative self-generating digital device. The Sun and Cloud by company Superheadz Japan can shoot artsy videos and photographs.

The camera is great for fans of blurry, faded and filtered Instagram photos. It's a taste of retro photography for the digital generation.

The Sun and Cloud camera works like this: Pushing the level round and round will create kinetic energy that will generate electricity to charge the inner battery. There's also a solar panel on top of the camera, so it can essentially charge itself.

There are 15 built-in filters that will produce everything from lo-fi effects to macro shots. For conventionality, there's also a high-power LED light, plus a built-in mic for videos.

[via Uncrate]

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