Ustream Officially Releases Open Pay-Per-View

Ustream Officially Releases Open Pay-Per-ViewFlickr image via katierulezd00d

It's been more than two years since Ustream launched its Open Pay-per-view service (Open PPV) to select users, and now the live social video streaming service has opened its platform to broadcasters large and small. Broadcasters are free to set the price and schedule of their events, and viewers will be pleased to hear most credit cards are being accepted, thanks to PayPal. 

As The Next Web points out, Ustream isn't the first company to hop aboard the pay-per-view train. Vimeo introduced a pay-per-view platform last November, and YouTube Live has been offering its own service since April. There's also Twitch, an online streaming service that's big on e-sports tournaments and video games. 

[via The Next Web]


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