The 25 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Hacks

10. Carmelo Anthony Puts Stacks On Kats Head

Date: 8/29/2010
Hack Highlight: "I got 5K for whoever see @ihatekatstacks and slap the shit out of her pigeon face ass. Real talk. U fucked with the right one now."

Groupie Kat Stacks was already disgusting Internet users everywhere with vlogs about alleged sexcapades with various celebs. But once she accused hoop star Carmelo Anthony of cheating on his wife, Melo offered a bounty for the first to test their pimp hand on Kat's face-and even added a yfrog pic of the cash. While his wife Lala cheered him on with her tweets, Melo later claimed it was a hack and said he was shooting a film in China. Right...

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