Microsoft to Hike Windows Pro 8 Pice in February

Microsoft to Hike Windows Pro 8 Pice in February

If you have been on the wall about upgrading to the latest version of Windows you should cop it as soon as possible because the price is going jump in a few days.

On February 1, Microsoft will no longer offer the special introductory upgrade price of $40 for Windows Pro 8.  After January 31, Windows Pro 8 will now cost $200, $160 more than its current price.  If you upgrade to the basic version of Window 8 after January 31 it will cost $120. Besides the operating system price hikes, Windows 8 Media Center Pack which is currently free to download will cost $10 per copy. 

Some users can still catch a deal on Window 8 after February 1. If you upgraded to Window 7 after June 2, 2012 or plan to do so before January 31, you will be able to purchase Window 8 Pro for only $15 until February 28. 

[via Digital Treads]

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