The 25 Biggest Tech Fails of 2012

16. NYU Student Email Sent To 40,000 Other Students

Date: 11/28/2012

When Max Wiseltier attempted to forward an email from New York University's bursar's office, he accidentally hit "replay all" and sent the email to 39,979 NYU undergrads. The slip-up triggered what became known as "The Reply-Allpocalypse" or "The Day NYU Broke." Thousands of students began sending emails back and forth asking dumb questions and including photos of cats and Nicolas Cage. So what caused the massive error? A man named David Vogelsang who used the wrong listserv to send out email from the bursar's office. "I take full responsibility for this blunder and offer my sincere apologies for the frustrating situation that was created," said Vogelsang in an apology.

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