The 100 Greatest Steve Jobs Quotes

67. "John Sculley ruined Apple and he ruined it by bringing a set of values to the top of Apple which were corrupt and corrupted some of the top people who were there, drove out some of the ones who were not corruptible, and brought in more corrupt ones and paid themselves collectively tens of millions of dollars and cared more about their own glory and wealth than they didabout what built Apple in the first place - which was making great computers for people to use."

Where: Interview with the Smithsonian Institute, April 20, 1995.

Two years after luring John Sculley from PepsiCo to become the CEO of Apple, the decision proved to be the wrong one for Steve Jobs. After many differences with corporate decisions and a constant power struggle, Apple's board of directors sided with Sculley and stripped Jobs of virtually all management power for Macintosh. Jobs left Apple at his own will, retiring nearly five months later.

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