The 100 Greatest Steve Jobs Quotes

14. "I'm brutally honest, because the price of admission to being in the room with me is I get to tell you you're full of shit if you're full of shit, and you get to say to me I'm full of shit, and we have some rip-roaring fights. And that keeps the B players, the bozos, from larding the organization, only the A players survive. And the people who do survive, say, 'Yeah, he was rough.' They say things even worse than 'He cut in line in front of me,' but they say, 'This was the greatest ride I've ever had, and I would not give it up for anything."

Where: Fortune, Dec, 2011.

Jobs was never known not to speak his mind nor parse words when he spoke. He knew that in order to make Apple the best it could be, his job was to bring in only the A players. But hey, he also knew the rewards being on a team of A players yields.

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