50 Ways Technology Can Help You Cheat in School

The Tie or Skirt Method

What you need: Word processor software, printer, tape, Tie (Guy), Skirt (Girl)

Risk level: Medium

For this co-ed tip, all you have to do is print out your cheat sheet in small paper squares (Guys should make them smaller, and more rectangular than the girls'). Once printed, line up the square sheets and tape them together in a row. Girls: Find the skirt you’re going to wear on test day and tape the row of sheets to the inside of the skirt’s hem, or slide them under your stockings. Guys: Find the tie you will be wearing on test day and tape the row of sheets to the back of your tie. Both should make sure the text is pasted upside down. While taking the test, girls, flip the skirt up a little, and guys slightly turn your tie around, and quickly peep your cheat sheets. 

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