These Gloves Can Translate Sign Language into Speech

These Gloves Can Translate Sign Language into Speech

More than hearing about new social networks or watches that can communicate with your smartphone, we love hearing about new technology that can actually make a world of difference in the lives of the less fortunate. The winner's of Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2012 did just that with their EnableTalk software. 

When paried with sensor-equipped gloves, EnableTalk can process sign language and export it as actual speech with the use of Microsoft's voice programming API. The winners, a group of four engineers from the Ukraine who operate under the name Quadsquad, got the idea for EnableTalk when searching for a better way to communicate with hearing impaired students at their school. 

The next step? Quadsquad will try to sell the kit—gloves and software—to consumers for $200. 

[via Escapist Magazine]

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