When Complex first started, in 2002, people were still getting used to the term "smartphone". It didn't matter that all the cool kids were already running around with well-equipped smartphone made by the man who would later join Google and create its Android mobile operating system. The phone we're talking about is the T-Mobile Sidekick, or the Danger HipTop depending on how you want to play it. There was no iPhone, Microsoft still had a horrible mobile OS, Palm was still poppin', and no one knew what a tablet was. Suffice to say, things have changed. 

Since then we've seen the rise and fall of RIM and its BlackBerry line of smartphones, Apple come through and continually crush the buildings in practically every product category, and Google wage war against everyone. We've watched 3D take off, stall, and then take off once more. HDTVs dropped in price. And Microsoft bowed out of the media player game. Though it did kick in the door of the gaming industry with its Xbox console and gave Sony and Nintendo run for their dough. 

That's just a fraction of what's happened over the past decade. We dug through our old issues and product reviews to bring you what we think are the best and most influential gadgets to drop since we started slingin' content all those years ago. 

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