When Jack Dorsey dreamt up the idea for Twitter back in 2006, we're almost positive he didn't envision his social network being used to spread hate. However, despite the popular microblogging platform being used by people all around the globe to help bring about social justice and change, there are some who see Twitter as the perfect place to spew their prejudices. 

Such was the case last night when the Washington Capitals' Joel Ward scored an overtime goal to defeat reigning Stanley Cup champions, the Boston Bruins, in game seven of their series. For those unfamiliar with the Capitals' roster, Joel Ward is black. As soon as the puck crossed the red goal line, Twitter was ablaze with racist vitriol aimed at the 31-year-old Canadian. 

Just like the crazies who went nuts on Twitter when they discovered that Rue, a character from The Hunger Games novels, was played by a black girl in the movie, a good number of the people have since deleted their tweets or closed their accounts. But if you head over to Chirpstory, you can read a good number of them. Or you can keep reading to see the worst of the worst. 

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