Red Bull may not literally allow you to grow appendages that aid in flight, but the popular beverage company does empower people to do things that shouldn't be humanly possible. Such as jumping out of a capsule near the edge of Earth's atmosphere. But that's exactly what Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull, and a team of experts are doing.

Dubbed Red Bull Stratos, the mission is a simple one: Send a human 120,000 feet into our plante's atmosphere in a stratospheric balloon and have said human freefall back to the earth. Only it's not simple at all. Helping with the mission is a team consisting of some of the world's leading minds in aeronautics, aerospace medicine, engineering, pressure suit development, capsule creation, and balloon fabrication. Oh, and a retired Air Force Colonel named Joseph Kittinger who happens to hold the world record for highest human freefall (a staggering 102,800 feet).

The team has been training and readying the equipment for over a year, and a few days ago on March 15, 2012 the team conducted its first test. Felix Baumgarter ascended in the Stratos capusle up to 71,581 feet and let gravity do its thing. It took him three minutes and 33 seconds meaning he was falling at speed of 364.4 miles per hour. Scary stuff. As you can guess, some incredible photographs were captured during the event. These are the most amazing 10.

All images courtesy of Red Bull.

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