Man Gets Across Canadian Border With iPad Passport

Man Gets Across Canadian Border With iPad Passport

As he tells it, Canadian man Martin Reisch made the easy error of forgetting his passport during a recent trip from Quebec into the States. Upon reaching the border, he presented his driver’s license and his iPad, equipped with a picture of his passport he uploaded to a Dropbox years ago. And U.S. Customs let him through.

Of course, the agency, in trying to save face, now refutes the incident, instead claiming Reisch also presented a birth certificate. But he denies doing so.

Given security concerns, expect U.S. Customs to clamp down—the possibility of paper documents soon giving way to mobile-optimized options seems unlikely in the near future, what with the presumed ease of counterfeiting and all. Maybe the next step is actually embedded ID chips.

[via Gizmag]

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