It's no secret that Apple and Google's once blossoming friendship is now on the rocks. It's been that way for a while. More specifically, it's been that way since Google announced it was going to release an operating system for smartphones that would not only compete with Apple's iPhone, but closely resemble it as well. Those who have read Steve Jobs's biography—or read the onslaught of media coverage around its release—learned how heated Jobs was with the Android OS. Google's former CEO, Eric Schmidt, stepped down from the Google board in 2009 due to the conflict of interests created by Google's newest ventures. Later, talks of the two companies parting ways began to bubble. Rumors sprang of Apple developing its own Maps app, negating the need for Google's offerings. When Apple released its iPhone 4S with the Siri personal assistant (in BETA) earlier this year, many opined that Apple plans to use the software to build its own search servie for iOS. Considering all that, it seems the two tech giants won't be chums for long. Here's why we think that will be a bad idea. 

Written by Rotimi Oyewole (@Rotechi)

Tags: apple, google, android, siri
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