One of my earliest computer memories involved me and my friends not paying attention in computer class and instead making our Macintosh say things that, if said by us, would get us suspended from school. To a bunch if eight-year-olds it was the funniest thing ever. Computers are supposed to cold and stringent, they're not supposed to say things like, "Ms. Anderson likes the smell of her own ass" (remember, we were eight). That's why it's funny to see some of the responses people have been getting from Apple's new artificial intelligence assistant, Siri. Made to help you with whatever you need, Siri is able to recognize your real voice and speech patterns (not some clipped version of the Queen's English) and provide you with answers or assistance. However, give people room to act a fool and they surely will. That's why Siri has been asked to help users get laid, or get high, or both. Keep reading to check out the 12 Funniest Siri Reponses. If you have an iPhone 4S, see what kind of comedy you can elicit from your phone. 

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