Since Apple made the official iPhone 4S announcement early last week, it would be an understatement to say the company experienced a rough few of days. Not only did it receive a shit load of backlash for not introducing what many anticipated to be the iPhone 5, but the company's co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, passed away. Despite all the hardships, Apple's next-gen handset miraculously racked up over 1 million pre-orders within in 24 hours and is on pace to become the fastest selling smartphone of all-time.

By now you should already know how we get down. When a new gadget drops—especially an Apple product—we make sure to tip you in the direction of all the hottest accessories. The iPhone 4S is no different. Even though it retains the same form-factor as the iPhone 4, it won't fit the previous generation's cases. So before you run off to your local Apple store this weekend and lay down dough for a new 4S (or before your pre-ordered model hits your doorstep), make sure you cop a case to protect your new investment. Though some of our favorite companies have yet to release their 4S cases (we're looking at you, Incase), we scoured the Net and found what we think are the 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases Available Now. 

Don't forget to pay homage to Apple's greatest visionary by checking out our Steve Jobs Soundboard.

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