Facebook is like a capricious lover: just when you think you've got the social network figured out, you can be sure it's going to change on you. Since it first launched in 2004, the site has gone through wave after wave of make-overs and re-make-overs, adding and dropping functionality and leaving its legions of users sea sick in the process.

Usually, as with the infamous News Feed rollout in 2006, a change on Facebook is initially met with groans from the vocal majority that just wants to gawk at their friends' photos in peace. Then, once the dust has settled, most users typically find a way to turn the new features to their advantage (or, alternatively, sulk alone in defeat before an unfeeling god).

But not always.

Sometimes Facebook really fucks up. In light of the company's most recent remodeling (Hello, "Ticker"), we decided to revist five such occasions. Not even Don Draper could put lipstick on these pigs.

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