Video: Man Builds Slingshot That Fires Six 20mm Steel Balls At Once

 Anytime you see the words "man builds slingshot" you can almost guarantee that Jörg Sprave is behind it. The guy that built the machete slingshot and the automatic gatling slingshot is back once again with a new contraption: the Avalaunche crossbow slingshot. 

What's different about this one? Well, according to The Slingshot Channel (Sprave's YouTube channel), the Avalaunche is able to fire six 20mm at once, each with a speed of 60 Joules. Basically, it's powerful enough to wreck whatever's in its aim. Check out the video to see what happens when a watermelon is on the business end of the Avalaunche. 

[The Slingshot Channel via DVICE]

Tags: slingshot, diy
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