Steer Clear of Bad Restaurants with

Steer Clear of Bad Restaurants with

NYU computer science wunderkind Max Stoller wants you to eat less crappy food. He's made an app that will conveniently send you a text alert any time you check into a shady restaurant.

To do this, the cleverly domained keeps track of restaurants that have been flagged as less-than-scrupulous by the New York City Health Inspector (it currently only works in NYC, but we're sure it will expand after Stoller gets a little VC money), and then texts users who check in to those restaurants on Foursquare.

Stoller says you'll be warned within 1 minute of check-in. The whole thing is as easy as a well-baked cake.

How long until Yelp (or Foursquare, which was also started at NYU) gobbles it up?


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