The Booty Symphony App Creators Explain How It Came To Be

The Booty Symphony App Creators Explain How It Came To Be

Before you go and judge this app by its logo, let us be the first to tell you that Booty Symphony is not what you think it is. Actually, that's more of a lie than Michele Bachman claiming we live in the country with the world's best health care system. Booty Symphony, a new app from Nappy Boy Entertainment, is exactly what its hilariously uncouth name describes it to be.

Conceived by T-Pain's creative director Sakinah LeStage, Booty Symphony lets users create a music video using the provided clips of woman shaking their booties to either of the three included songs. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it is. But it's pretty fun, as well. We reached out to the team behind Booty Symphony—Sakinah LeStage and Ross Neumann, Product Manager for Vringo—to find out how the app came to be, what went into its creation, and how your girlfriend can be apart of the action.

Complex: The last app we saw from Nappy Boy Entertainment was the I Am T-Pain app. These seems to be a deviation from it…
Sakinah LeStage: This app isn't in conjunction with the I Am T-Pain app. This is something totally different. I'm T-Pain's creative director. I've worked with Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, and Jeezy.

Cool. So, tell me how you got the idea for this app.
Sakinah LeStage:  I'm from Atlanta, so the whole booty thing is big here. I was hanging out with some people and I thought, Wouldn't it be cool if you could see choreographed booties on your phone, like a video ring tone? Once I found out that video ringtones weren't as popular as applications, we opted for an app.
I thought, what if each booty had a sound, and if each sound helped you create a beat?

Ross Neumann: Sakinah came to us and said we want to do this thing called Booty Symphony and they had the original ring tone angle, but we saw we could do much more with this as an app.

How did you go about picking the girls?
Sakinah LeStage: We did a casting. We had girls come to the casting and we picked girls that we wanted based on their booty shaking abilities and then we set a shoot date.

What about the flags on each girls booty?
Sakinah LeStage: We thought about putting a flag on each of the girls booties so people would be like, Oh my god! There's my flag!

Nice. I'm guessing more went into it than having girls shake their booty...
Sakinah LeStage: The application itself is pretty lighthearted and comical, but there's a lot of technical aspects that went into it. It got really technical because of the way they had to dance in the short amount of time along with the loop of music.

Can you talk to us about the actual, techincal creation of the app?
Ross Neumann: What we built is funny, it's novel, people enjoy playing with it, but from a technical standpoint it's pretty high tech. What we actually made was a video editor on your phone. What you're doing is editing your own version of this video on your phone and turning it into a video you can then put on YouTube. We're really pushing the limits of an Android phone to really be able to handle this stuff.

But now these phones are so powerful...
Ross Neumann:
Even a few months ago this app wouldn't have been possible because we're pushing the capabilities of the Android phone to its limits. And the loops that Sakinah's talking about—the phone could only handle a certain number of loops and they couldn't be very long, they could be about three to four seconds at most, so Sakinah, who was doing the choreography, really had to map out what we wanted the girls to do so that when we put it on the phone, it would turn out nice. It's a really interesting marriage between traditional entertainment with high technology.

You've mentioned the ability to upload videos to YouTube, are there any other cool social features built into the app?
Sakinah LeStage: In addition to putting your videos on YouTube, you have the ability to upload your own video onto the soundboard. So, say, you don't really want the flag-of-China booty, but you'd rather have your homegirl doing jumping jacks on your soundboard, you can upload your own footage, so it's interactive that way. People can get as creative as they want.

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