Street Detail: AJ in LES


OCCUPATION: Barber/Designer/Lifestylist


SHIRT: Uniqlo


JEANS: Uniqlo

BELT: J. Crew

SHOES: Dr. Martins


What's your favorite spring trend? Lightweight, long-sleeve knits with shorts.

Favorite brands? VANE, Moscot, Blind Barber, APC, Levis, and A Lesser Evil. 

Favorite website?

What/who inspires your style? Friends, and random people on the streets of NYC. And also the change of seasons, and old school photographs. 

Favorite NY neighborhood? East Village.

What trend in menswear should be over? Overly matching colors. 

What's one trend-proof style tip? Stick to classic styles, and choose clothing that suits your body type. 

What's one thing you can't live without? The internet. 




Tags: street-detail
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