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"King Of The Youth". "Dutty". Ian Connor has quite a few names for himself. For those who perhaps have not been on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram in the past year, Connor is a 19-year-old model/creative who has taken streetwear by storm via his personal style and outlandish social media personality. To be completely honest, even after meeting with Ian and hanging out with him for an afternoon, we still aren't entirely sure what exactly it is that he does or creates, and we're pretty sure that's the point. Ian bounces from project to project, using each as leverage for the next, whether it be styling, modeling or just existing (he also served as the print for Wil Fry's latest jersey/short set). Love him or hate him, he's created one hell of a personal brand—a following out of nothing— proving, once more, just how fucking awesome and ridiculous the Internet really is. We talked to him about his plans this summer, the perfect pair of sneakers and, most importantly, how to avoid the thirst that has claimed the lives of so many men before him.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.