For their Prototype Research Series, Stone Island play around with new fabrics and treatments that they've been working on in their research and experimentation processes. None of these materials have been industrialised, so each Prototype Research Series drop is experimental and limited edition.

To go alongside the second ever Prototype Research Series drop, Stone Island have released a video showing the different places that each play an important role in putting the jackets together. The journey starts in Arizona, where the fabric is made at the Dyneema® Production Facility. After that, the jacket is manufactured at the Stone Island HQ in Ravarino, near Modena in Italy, before it's undergoes the dying process at their Colour Laboratory. Finally, the video shows the unveiling of the Prototype Research Series 2 with an installation at this year's Milan Design Week.

The result of the process shown in the video is the Series 02_Garment Dyed Dyneema®, a reversible jacket in the strongest and most durable lightweight fibre that exists. So as well as being super lightweight, the jacket is almost impossible to tear or puncture. The making process for the jackets is a long one, with an exclusive membrane being added to make dyeing possible, a week long resting period, and hand-sealed seams. 

Take a look at the video above, and the limited edition jackets (there are 2 series' of only 50 pieces) are available from the Stone Island website on 26th April.