Stylist: Dianne Garcia
Client(s): Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Dr. Dre, SZA, Nick Young, Chance the Rapper
How she became a stylist: “I was working on set as a PA in the art department for a Keri Hilson video years ago. We ended up shooting for 20 hours straight, and I made friends with a stylist who was moving from Miami to L.A., where I’m based. When she moved, she gave me a call and let me start assisting her right away, because she felt like I already knew set etiquette. I assisted her for a few years until I started taking on small jobs of my own. During my transition, a director friend of mine, who had faith in little ol' me, introduced me to the people who are now my clients.”

“Build your credit, be good at accounting, master negotiating, stay organized, be kind, be genuine, make real connections, listen to your intuition, have good people skills, and don’t date your colleagues. Always maintain your professionalism around your clients and never get comfortable. Treat your relationships with brands, stores, and everyone you come across like they’re not gold, but DIAMONDS. As a stylist, you rely on resources and reputation to be able to get your job done. Anybody can have an eye for style and know the latest brands, but being able to sell yourself as a business and maintain it takes another level of skill that no school will teach you.”