Founder: Jacobi Press
Year Founded: 1902

In menswear, there's always a latent desire for a total rejection of fashion, for the creation of a Platonic ideal, unchanging and ever-reliable. In the United States, at least, the closest anyone's gotten to that standard is probably J Press. Go into a J Press today and you'll see pretty much the same clothes on the rack that you'd have found fifty years ago-with one addition: The York Street Collection, designed by young menswear mavens the Ovadia brothers. No other brand, not even Brooks Brothers, has married itself so closely to the traditional American "trad" uniform. The three buttons (rolled to two), the undarted sack coats, the tweed and paisley ties and brushed shetland sweaters. If it's not to your taste, so be it, but it's nice just to know that it's there. Even if these days it's owned by the Japanese.