Founder: George B. Cluett
Year Founded: 1851

Cluett, Peabody, & Co. was the parent company of Arrow, that brand of detachable collars with aspirational, Anglophilic names such as the Duncan, the Dover, and the Liberty. These were the most widely worn collars in the world at one point. In addition to making popular shirts, the Arrow Company also hired artist J.C. Leyendecker to develop an ad campaign. He came up with the Arrow Collar Man, which then become widely admired for the next twenty years (particularly among women, interestingly). By the mid-1920s, men started to dress more casually, and the days of the stiff, detachable collar was drawing to a close. Arrow then decided to switch from making collars to shirts. In effort to find a shirting that would not shrink in the wash, Sanford Cluett, a nephew of the company's founders, invented sanforizing, a process that of course we now principally to keep our jeans from shrinking.