Founder: Simon Ackerman
Year Founded: 1953

Simon Ackerman, a British expat living in New York City, decided in 1935 that he wanted create a British-made, Savile Row-quality suits line for the US market. Though he offered bespoke tailoring, his focus was mainly in ready-to-wear garments, which he produced at a factory Crewe, a railway town within the Cheshire county of England. The company was wildly successful in the 1960s, when stockists included Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue. The company started to unravel, however, in the late '70s, when it was handed over the Austin Reed, who used the factory to produce for other brands besides Chester Barrie. It passed through a few more hands after the dot com bust of the late-90s, but is now going through a revival with its new owners, Prominent Europe, who has brought on Edward Sexton to create patterns for its latest collections.