If you’ve ever ventured into a Japanese 7-Eleven, you’ve pretty much experienced heaven on earth. Where else can you find such an incredible assortment of the best snacks in the world? No where. But just when we thought these convenience stores couldn’t get any better, Uniqlo announced it will offer a pick-up service at select locations in Japan. That’s right.

According to WWD, the retailer announced that customers will be able to order merchandise through its website and collect their purchases at their local 7-Eleven. The service will launch Feb. 16 at 5,700 stores in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitma. But before you start packing and downloading a Japanese translation app, you should know that Uniqlo has plans to expand the service to other countries at a later date.

Slurpees, nachos, and fire gear? Obviously, we can’t wait until this rolls out in the States.