For the latest episode of Noisey's "The People's Vs." Pusha T addresses some of the YouTube comments left on the video for his 2002 track "Grindin" with Clipse. In addition to responding to comments about how much they paid Pharrell for his work on the song, and how he never ages, he also explained the story behind his signature braids. Previously Pusha has written off his hairstyle as simply "a Virginia thing," but this time he delved a little deeper into the story behind his look. The rapper shares that he and his friends choose to grow out their hair and get braids after a death of a friend who used to rock the style, so it has sentimental value. He also says that he heard Allen Iverson, who he calls his biggest hero, got braids for a similar reason.

The Internet went crazy last year when Pusha posted a picture on Instagram that appeared to be him without his iconic locks, but it turned out to be just a prank. Now that we know the real story behind his braids, we can see why he has kept the look so long.

Check out the video above.