While on the set of his GQ cover shoot, Justin Bieber took some time to explain the story behind a few of his many tattoos. The heavily-inked artist reveals some interesting bits about his tats, like the fact that he tried, but ultimately failed, to cover up the face of his Selena Gomez tattoo with some shading. He also shares that his first tattoo was a bird on his lower abdomen, which is based on a very deep-sounding book his family loves about a seagull that wants to be more than a seagull.  

Of course, he points out the few tattoos we already know honor his mother like the eye on his forearm because "she is always watching" and her birthday across his chest. But, Bieber says his favorite piece is the recent pair of angel wings he got across the back of his neck.

He does say the one place he doesn't think anyone should have any ink is their lower back. Unfortunately, that is going to be really disappointing news for this guy.

Check out the video above.