This past weekend, just before the 2016 Oscars, The Coveteur visited Common's Los Angeles home as the rapper/actor prepped  for his second annual Toast to the Arts dinner. 

From the jump, what stands out most is Common's sneaker collection—Hender Schemes, Yeezys, and a ton of Nikes and Vans. But he's got a few other dope things lying around his spot, like his J Dilla and Nelson Mandela hardcover books, the 2015 Oscars winner card for "Best Original Song"—the award he and John Legend won for "Glory" from Selma—AND the gold statue (plus his Golden Globe for the same song, too). And because Common is a classy guy, he's got a ton of suits and button down shirts.

Common also talked to The Coveteur about #OscarsSoWhite and what Hollywood needs to do to change this. 

"The fact that people are raising the question about the Oscars being white is valid," he told The Coveteur. "After the awards, we have to continue. It’s not really about the Oscars, it’s about Hollywood creating more material and allowing more material to be inclusive, to be multicultural, to allowing people to make decisions to be of America—meaning, show the different colors and natures of America."

Take a look at a few photos below and get the full tour at The Coveteur.