Last month, Madame Tussauds announced that it would be adding Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne to its extensive collection of wax figures in honor of London Fashion Week. Now in anticipation for the big event, the model besties have finally been unveiled in their new form.

According to The Telegraph, it took a team of 20 people four months to create the lifelike figures, with one week being devoted entirely to recreating Delevingne's iconic brows. Delevingne is situated on the exhibit's runway, where Anna Wintour looks on from the front row, wearing the silver Saint Laurent dress she rocked to the premiere of her movie Paper Towns. The luxury fashion house reportedly made a replica of the item specifically for her wax figure. 

Jenner on the other hand, is backstage ready to get her makeup done in a black gown and stilettos. The two were very involved in the design process so that their figures would be extremely accurate and it looks like it paid off. The artists even recreated Delevingne's numerous tattoos including the intricate lion on her finger. 

Visitors to the exhibit are able to interact with the wax models, so expect to see an influx of fan selfies with #CaKe and Wintour. This is as close to them as most people will ever get.