Since its inception in 1903 the Swedish heritage brand has been at the forefront of the menswear game with their trademark ethos being “A Different Cut.” Their new collection takes inspiration from Britain’s post punk scene and the minimalist stylings of German synth-band, Kraftwerk.

The collection is made up of sharp, but elegantly simplistic suits with an added touch of futurism apparent throughout. The FW15 collection includes a season-appropriate navy overcoat and a turtleneck jumper, perfect for those of you wishing to channel your inner-Sterling Archer. The video itself has a very Jason Bourne/Logan’s Run-essence with a sci-fi theme running throughout due to the merging of shaky camera angles, rough filter techniques, and a heart-pounding sci-fi inspired track.

Check out the video above to fully gauge the collection and head here to shop Tiger of Sweden FW15. Don't forget to head to Selfridges, Oxford Street where you can find the collection within Men’s Casual on 1.