What is the world coming to?

There was once a time when a dude could leave his shoes in his apartment hallway without any hesitation or fear. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case today.

According to a press release by the State College Police Department in Pennsylvania, law enforcement is currently searching for two women who are suspected of stealing a man’s suede Lacoste shoes on Sept. 29.

Here’s what we know about this horrific crime so far: The victim, a Penn State student, had taken off the footwear before briefly entering his apartment; when he returned a few minutes later, he discovered the shoes were no longer there. Of course, panic began to settle in and he quickly alerted authorities, who were able to get a look at the bandits through surveillance video.

Upon review of surveillance footage, 2 females are seen leaving a party from a neighboring apartment around 1:00am and taking the shoes before leaving the building. The first white female has long blonde hair, was wearing khaki shorts, a blue tank top and tan flat shoes. The second white female has long brown hair, was wearing denim shorts, a long sleeved grey shirt and white sneakers. 

You know it's a good party when it ends with petty theft.

Take a look at the suspects in the images above and below. The SCPD is requesting  all snitches to contact them if they have any information about these women.