Ralph Lauren references aside, it seems celebrity lifestyle brands are running wild as of late. Ellen DeGeneres launched ED by Ellen, an apparel and homegoods destination that is—stay with us here—fire enough to earn a Kanye West co-sign. Gwenyth Paltrow's Goop empire has taken over the lives of countless suburban moms across the nation. The list goes on. Looking to cash in on the trend (or at least poke fun at it) Stephen Colbert launches Covetton House, his parody on the modern-day "celebrity lifestyle" phenomena.

Premiering on his new late night gigThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert takes shots at the opulently absurd trend of celebrity-branded homegoods and lifestyle products. Sitting on a plush couch in his "living woods," Colbert explains that Covetton House provides customers with an experience that combines "classic southern living, the breezy charm of the English countryside, and whatever they had leftover at the prop warehouse." 

But what does Covetton House actually offer? Well, Colbert suggests the branded "hand-touched" suede coasters ($175 apiece); or the hand-crafted oak tie stand (made up of reclaimed hat stands), or the $895 bison wallet—literally handmade by an actual bison.

While these products aren't going to be appearing at your local department store...well, ever; leave it to Colbert to remind us of the inherent ridiculousness of buying into a "celebrity lifestyle"— polo-playing Centaur logos, or otherwise.