Public School has teamed up with Mr Porter to release an exclusive capsule collection. The brand's designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow also sat down with the retailer to walk it through the new offering

Osborne and Chow drop knowledge on Mr Porter about its signature aesthetic of layers, monochromatic 'fits, and subtle detailing. The collection is made up of an hombre sweater that moves from black to gray, a clean white T-shirt, sweatpants, a bomber jacket, and a double-layered gingham shirt that perfectly merges Public School's sportswear influence with Mr Porter's more refined look. 

The Public School designers bring up the tailored sweatpants as another example of merging streetwear and fashion. "Something that’s non-traditional in the sense of they’re not denim, they’re not straight-leg trousers, but there’s some shape to them, some performance to them," Chow says. 

You can check out the full story and shop the collection at Mr Porter's website now.