The North Face is introducing a virtual reality experience that will give you an adventure in the great outdoors without ever leaving the store. The apparel company's latest campaign will transport customers to some of America's natural wonders, like Yosemite National Park and Utah's Moab desert.

The collaboration with the cinematic company, Jaunt, is a fully immersive experience that will allow shoppers to explore the terrain and scale a rock wall with professional climbers Cedar Wright and Sam EliasThe virtual reality project uses a Google Cardboard headset to create a seamless 360-degree visual and audio experience of the scenic landscapes.

“Every brand wants to forge an emotional connection with its customers.Our brand mission is to inspire a life of exploration, so we felt like this was a great way to enhance our storytelling, use technology and transport people to the outdoors,” Eric Oliver, director of digital marketing at The North Face, said to Digiday.

Last year, the outdoor brand installed a disappearing floor at a pop-up store in Korea. After everything around them vanished, unsuspecting customers were forced to climb up the walls or fall into a padded pit below. 

North Face will debut the new project during the SXSW Interactive Conference on March 16, and will launch in flagship stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

[via Digiday]