What happens when you put three extraordinary up-and-coming artists in a gallery exhibition together? A confluence of accelerating talent, of course.

"So Far So Good" is an art exhibition featuring artists, HuemanErik Jones, and Alex Yanes, collectively showing at Joseph Gross Gallery in New York. For each artist, this is his or her first exhibition in Chelsea, New York's prestigious gallery neighborhood. By combining their very different backgroundsHueman hails from the street art world, Jones comes from illustration, and Yanes has roots in graffiti, cartoon, and tattoo—the exhibition adds some new flavor to a traditional gallery show. It also doesn't hurt that their use of bold colors and stunning imagery makes for a cohesively dope showing. 

This exhibition opens Oct. 9 at the Joseph Gross Gallery (548 West 28th Street, New York). Keep an eye on these artists because after this show, they will only be on the rise.