Look you’re going for: Like you can tell the difference between Krasner and Pollock, but in a non-douchey way

There's a fine line that you have to keep in mind when taking someone to an art gallery for your first date. You want to seem knowledgeable, but it's very easy to look like a snob whilst doing so. A great way to add to your savvy is to dress savvy with a casual two-button blazer—one without gaudy lapels—with a clean oxford underneath. Leave the bowtie at home, Fonsworth. A clean pair of suede or premium leather bucks, or informal wingtips, would set this fit to menswear aficionado, which, by proxy, is a prerequisite of art appreciation. And even though you won't have a good answer for your take on whether or not minimalist art is an oxymoron, you can still look like you know what you're talking about.